The EXTREME model joins sturdiness and the technological solutions which characterise upper category models with the practicality and simplicity of a variable chamber round baler. The centralised lubrication system, the high efficiency binding system and the handy electric control monitor make this machine a highly efficient professional model.


  • Winding: 4 closed loop belts (endless)
  • Pression and geometry electro-hydraulic control variable
  • geometry
  • Hydraulic compression
  • Cardan shaft with constant velocity joint, torque limiter
  • cam
  • Rotor power supply
  • Centralized greasing manual (progressive or single)
  • Chains automatic lubrication (including pick-up)
  • Pick-up with front roller for product drive
  • Pick-up hydraulic lifting system
  • Bale diameter electronic control
  • Hydraulic bale pressing
  • Automatic double twine binder
  • Road lights
  • Tires 400/60-15,5
  • Openable buttom
  • Net stock compartment
  • Foldable ladder for roll replacement
  • Hydraulic system: 1 simple acting /2 double acting
  • Electric power supply: 1 socket 12V =
  • Binder film kit (available only for version with net binder)
  • Kit bale ejector
  • 15 fake knives Kit
  • Couple of shrinking cups (recommended for green)
  • Kit twine binder twine net processing